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Releasing Limits

Releasing Limits 
Releasing Limits

Sharyn Driver

Gardens, Cape Town
Phone: 083 233 0440
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Matrix ReImprinting, and REIKI Practitioner.

What Emotions, Thoughts, and Feelings are holding you back from becoming the best you can be in this lifetime? Release all limiting beliefs to be successful, healthier and happier. “Emotions buried alive just show up in other shoes” Robert Smith Faster EFT.

Based on the latest Neuroscience Research the ONLY WAY to be More Successful, Healthy, Productive and Happy is to Release Limiting Feelings, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs.


Emotions and Beliefs determine our actions and reactions giving us our results in life. Our emotions are our own experience however beliefs are formed in many ways - Parents, Ancestors, Community, Friends, Family, Partners, others opinions and Media to name a few.

Energy is everything – if we are continually stressed and worried we start sabotaging ourselves, procrastinating, missing deadlines, not meeting our targets, always tired and exhausted, continually in Fight and Flight mode, and poor decision making resulting in our energy and life-force being drained.

Our programs are designed to introduce you to another way of thinking and to release all the emotions and beliefs that aren’t working – showing you how your thoughts become things and providing you with the tools to take responsibility for how you show up in the world. In each session, you will be exposed to new research in the field of the mind and learn how to use new tools and techniques to overcome your fears, phobias and limitations. If we know the cause of the problem, we won’t be the effect of it any longer. We structure the program to address and release all those beliefs that are no longer serving you. We open you to the power of your mind and how to create exciting new outcomes. As viewed so appears. The first session is an introduction to all these concepts and to ignite you to explore all the wonders of the imagination. Creating an energetic you, fired by infinite possibilities.

An introduction to the collective consciousness – what level we are operating on and the necessity to move to a level of courage and joy - leaving the victimhood collective consciousness of shame, blame, and criticism in the past. Striving for a 5:1 Positivity Ratio – the ingredient for change.

Sharyn has trained for over 33 years in many Energy Psychology methodologies and uses her knowledge and personal experience in combining them in her training and wellness coaching. Sharyn finds that EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Re-Imprinting bring about lasting change and applies these techniques with incredible results.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – Also known as Tapping
Founded by Dr. Roger Callahan in 1979 – In the three decades that followed, no Western scientific explanation for tapping could be founded. How was it that so many lost their phobias, anxiety, pains, and other problems simply by tapping on certain acupoints? However, in the past few years much has been learned about the science behind tapping. Research at Harvard Medical School over the past decade has shown that stimulation of selected meridian acupoints decreases activity in the amygdala, hippocampus (another part of the Limbic system), and other parts of the brain associated with fear. In fMRI and PET brain scans, you can clearly see the amygdala’s red alert being called off when acupoints are being stimulated. This is exciting and cutting edge research. Another study confirms the Harvard findings – in this case researcher Dawson Church looked at different components of the flight or fight reaction: cortisol levels. Like adrenaline cortisol is a stress hormone released during the stress response. In a controlled study

Dr. Dawson and his colleagues studied changes in cortisol levels and psychological symptoms in 83 subjects after they received an hour-long EFT tapping session, an hour of conventional talk therapy, or no treatment (the cortisol group). Cortisol levels in the tapping group dropped significantly, down by an average of 24 percent – with some showing results as high as 50 percent. Meanwhile for those in talk therapy and the control group, there was no significant change in cortisol levels beyond the normal lowering of what happens during the day as time passes. The reduced cortisol levels in the EFT group correlated with decreased severity in anxiety, depression and overall psychological symptoms.

Dozens of studies have now demonstrated the effectiveness of EFT – Tapping for a variety of disorders and issues. These studies clearly show EFT’S efficacy regarding some of the most challenging issues we face as humans: PSTD’S, Trauma, phobias and more. It is just effective if not more so, on the “smaller” issues we face, such as problems in relationships, careers, health, weight, limiting beliefs, productivity, and trouble with finances. Tapping also retrains the limbic response.

I like to work with clients that are committed to change and would like to take responsibility for their own well-being. To achieve any lasting results in life one must take responsibility for their Mindset, Skill set and action set about any area in their lives that is not working. Through the process of EFT and Matrix I will lead you on a journey on how the mind works (Skills) release the limiting beliefs and perceptions (Mindset) and daily exercises to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and habitual thinking (Action set). I would like to be the Last Stop not the next Quick Fix. Enjoy the journey – may you never be the same again.


Releasing Limits Membership Special


Rated: 10
Highly Recommended
by Sharon Atkins
on July 25, 2017
Sharyn is extremely thorough and knowledgeable in the work that she does. She is very warm and caring as a practitioner and gets to the root of the problem, finds solutions and uncovers and dissolves issues.

I have been doing Sharyn's weight loss and release programme and have been getting great results and feeling a sense of awareness and understand about myself and my journey.

Do not hesitate to contact her and let her work with you on your path to change.
Owner & Creative Director
by Rose McClement
on November 3, 2016
Like me, many members who have been part and parcel of Xtraordinary Women for a while, initially came to know Sharyn as the Calmag lady. Yet, in the past years, Sharyn following her passion for healing and health, has gone on to become soo much more than that.

In fact, that Calmag business is a smokescreen for a very powerful, intuitive and caring EFT Healer. I have known Sharyn since I started attending Xtraordinary Women. I have watched her progression and after hearing her ply her passion for EFT as a speaker at one of the events, I decided that I would take up the offer that she had going.

It was the 6 week treatment journey. Initially I had to wonder - why 6 weeks? But today I get it fully! I am now on my second round of 6 week treatment sessions. That is how much I not only believe & trust in her work, but I know and experience the benefits of this treatment.

I recall when I first started, I had to wonder what all the fuss was about. I was dealing with some deep stuff, but I was still feeling like the same person. But after 6 weeks, the shifts were kicking in. The shifts have been HUGE! I am actually feeling like a different person. Sharyn gently leads one through the EFT process, which ultimately is not complicated at all.

In closing, I would highly recommend anyone who feels that they would like to take their life's journey to the next level, or who want to kick their beliefs and behaviour that no longer serve them into touch .... should seriously consider taking Sharyn up on her offer. It is so worth it. Thank You, Thank YOu, Thank You Sharyn.
Excellent Speaker
by Gwen Serrotti
on November 1, 2016
We had the privilege of having Sharyn speak at two of our Xtraordinary Women Networking Events.

Her knowledge on EFT and other topics are amazing! She left us all inspired and empowered after we experienced the benefits of EFT.

Her passion for helping others is apparent.

I highly recommend Sharyn as a Guest Speaker.
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