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Turn your sense of lack into a recognition of all the abundance around you

Abundance by Robyn

This week's coaching session was the clincher for me. We are always told that we live in an abundant universe - and somehow that was all good and dandy for me - but it never really felt like a bloody abundant universe to me.

The universe in fact felt harsh, unkind, unfriendly and greedy. The student was ready - and the teacher arrived. Anel Heymans - a LifeMastery Consultant and Coach arrived - and a good couple of weeks later and this student is learning and experiencing shifts like she would never have believed possible! So in fact - if you believe that the world is harsh, unkind, unfriendly and greedy - it is in fact going to be just that for you and all you experience. Because it's what you expect and what you only see...and ultimately manifest into your life. The question I had to ask myself was - Are you a glass half full kinda gal or a glass half empty kinda victim.

Well in truth - I've never really been a glass half empty kinda gal! I've always been the positive one, the one who champions the underdog because they can't do it for themselves - because no-one has empowered them... somewhere in-between 'I can and will' I resorted to 'I can't and won't.' This new language and visioning resulted in some pretty interesting times and lessons that were designed to be learnt and moved through quickly became painful and protracted. I then started slipping into 'victim-hood' and we all know that 'hood' is pretty lonely - the only other folk visiting that part of town are the folk who are attending the same pity party as I was!

It meant 'bad company' for all - because there no-one helps anyone - you all just pull each other down further. It's like a sad love song on replay 24/7! Ugly crying, groaning, moaning and frustrated screeching are the top conversations being engaged in. Phew people! If I visualise that today - it sounds like our own personal hell! No thank you - not for me anymore! Turn the clock forward to after the start of my coaching sessions with Anel - and I can honestly say that I've moved suburbs - I now live in Uptown Funk - I see possibility, I see abundance - all around us in fact - even in the poorest areas - and I've been exposed to many in my line of work.

We ALL have so much to be grateful for. But here's the thing - you're either going to see that - or you’re not! The truth of the matter is - we come from abundance. There is actually no lack - just greed and distribution issues. What I learnt this day is that abundance is the antidote to lack and gratitude the antidote to entitlement. You cannot feel abundance when you feel less than. You need to first check in on yourself worth - if you don't feel worthy of abundance - you're never going to feel like you deserve it and that right there is half the problem. A good tip given to me by Anel was to set an alarm on my phone every so often during the day with a message to say - I am worthy. This done - and it sounds stupid - but it works.

There's that saying - If you think you can you can or you think you can't - you're right! It's so true. You are what you think you are. There is one thing I know without going too deep into any woo-woo stuff - the universe amplifies our thoughts - one just has to look at the media to believe and understand that concept. So how can you get yourself into the 'Uptown Funk' suburb of abundance - start giving more. Thythe, give of your time, of your talent or of your space - but give more. Givers receive. Don't announce it from the rafters - don't open a Facebook page just to share just how much you give - rather do it privately. I heard o a lady who has gone to the municipality and taken extra money with her and asked at the counter to please pay the extra monies into people's accounts who were struggling with their payments! How cool is that!!! Amazing I love it! It's important here to give consciously - don't give because of what you can get but because of the difference you can make. Celebrate others successes. Where one succeeds - others follow.

The high tide raises all boats - love that one - thanks Anel!

Stop complaining - complement instead. Nobody likes a moaner anyway! Be a person of increase! Increase yourself, increase others, increase the earth, increase our animals, increase health, increase wealth, increase experiences - just increase whatever you touch and where ever you go! In Uptown Funk we are gracious receivers - so here we appreciate everything that is given to us - we have a daily gratitude list that we really feel into. We feel blessed and so we ARE blessed. We recognise the fact that when we give - we fill a gap for abundance to be experienced and so when we receive we in turn are having a gap filled for us. Now those that know me might say - ok but you were doing some of this long before you started this coaching - yes - you're right - I was - but not perhaps with the right mindset! The right attitude and the right heart. To get that all into alignment changes everything...aligning with the right vibe has turned my sense of lack and victimhood into a deep acknowledgement and recognition of all the Abundance around me.

Once you master yourself worth you realise you are worthy of abundance, success, joy, happiness and peace and all things good in life. L'Chaim! To life!

To contact Anel Heymans LifeMaster Consultant and Coach - visit www.truesoulscience.com.

Article originally posted here.

• Robyn Lambrick is a member of Xtraordinary Women and is the owner and curator of Word-on-the-Street Media and Superhero HQ.