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When Should a Notice of Unpaid Suspension Be Used?

When Should a Notice of Unpaid Suspension be used

It is very important that misbehaving Employees be disciplined in the workplace. Should misbehaving Employees not be disciplined, they could create havoc in the workplace. Their unpunished misconduct could destabilise the most established business whilst simultaneously creating disharmony between the Employer and Employees.

It is very important that Employers should act consistently when disciplining misbehaving Employees. Some misbehaving Employees should not be treated differently from other misbehaving Employees.

What should Employers do when Employees misbehave? Should all Employees be summarily dismissed, or should they just be issued with Written Warnings? What must Employers do when Employees misbehave time and again?

What is a Notice of Unpaid Suspension (as alternative to dismissal) and when is it used?
A Notice of Unpaid Suspension is a document that is issued to an Employee who has repeatedly misbehaved. The Notice of Unpaid Suspension is issued to an Employee as a sanction and alternative to dismissal. This sanction should be used sparingly, as a last resort and only after a Disciplinary Hearing has been conducted.


Your Top 3 Sales Tips for The Week

Your Top 3 Sales Tips for The Week

There is a tale that goes there are two wolves inside each of us. The one wolf feeds on the negative and the other on the positive. The one you feed is the one that thrives.

Which wolf are you feeding?

As with anything in life where you focus your energy and attention is where growth happens.

Are you giving your sales the attention it deserves? If you aren’t focused daily on your sales activities how can you possibly expect your business to grow and thrive?

In today’s blog I want to share with you some great sales tips that will help you feed the right wolf.


Is This the Beginning of the End for Labour Brokers?

Is This the Beginning of the End for Labour Brokers

Assign Services (Pty) Ltd vs Numsa and Others - Is This the Beginning of the End for Labour Brokers?

When the amendments to the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (hereafter referred to as “the LRA”) came into operation on 1 January 2015, everyone thought that it would be the end of Labour Brokers. The amendments came about to give security to marginalized Employees and to regulate the industry.

The amendment renamed Labour Brokers to “Temporary Employment Services”. Section 198A(3)(b) of the LRA stipulates that an Employee that earns less than the determined threshold and is contracted through a Temporary Employment Service (hereafter referred to as “TES”) to a Client for longer than three months, will be deemed to be the Employee of the Client.

This created a lot of confusion because it was unclear what the deeming provision meant. Some argued that a dual relationship was now created by the LRA whereby the Employee is deemed to be employed by both the Client and the TES. Others argued that it created an employment relationship between the Client and the Employee solely for the purposes of the LRA.


Fixed Term Contracts

Fixed Term Contracts

What is a fixed term contract? The Labour Relations Amendment Bill of 2012 introduced Section 198B into the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.

Section 198B defines a fixed term contract as:

(1) For the purpose of this section, a “fixed terms contract” means a contract of employment that terminates on –

(a) the occurrence of a specified event;
(b) the completion of a specified task or project; or
(c) a fixed date, other than an employee’s normal or agreed retirement age, subject to subsection (3).


Your Ultimate List of Tasks To Outsource

Your Ultimate List of Tasks To Outsource

Don’t you just feel giddy when you have zero’d your inbox? What a feeling of bliss to know that every email enquiry and query has been attended to.

My guess is this feeling doesn’t happen often enough. We tend to get bogged down with the day to days and before you know it, you’re back to a bulging inbox and not getting to everything.

Sound familiar?

In order to grow your business, increase your client base, keep your current clients happy, come up with marketing strategies and do daily sales you need to be laser focussed on your strengths and what brings you the most joy.

Trust me, if you’re spending all day every day running around doing logistics, operations, admin and such like, there is no way you are focussed on marketing strategies and filling your sales pipeline to grow your business.

So what can you outsource to free up time in your day?
Let’s first identify what tasks should or can be outsourced.


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