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Universal Partnerships - What consequences does the law attach to it?

Universal Partnerships

In South African many couples choose to cohabit instead of getting married. However South African law does not automatically grant parties who cohabit, legal rights. They would have to prove that their cohabitation amounts to a Universal Partnership, before being able to claim from one another.

A Universal Partnership is where two unmarried parties have lived together for an extended period. They usually share responsibilities and obligations that are like married couples. They can have an express or tacit agreement in place pertaining to how their income, expenses and assets are dealt with.

The Western Cape High Court delivered judgment on Universal Partnerships in Booysen v Stander (“hereafter Booysen v Stander”)1 on 27 June 2018. The case will be discussed below to illustrate how South African law deals with long-term cohabitation that might be Universal Partnerships.


Pro Bono And 67 Minutes For Mandela Day

Pro Bono And 67 Minutes For Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela International Day (hereafter referred to as “Mandela Day”) is a day in honour of the great man, Nelson Mandela. Mandela Day is celebrated every year on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July. Mandela Day is not a public holiday but a day to honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela and his values, by means of volunteering and doing community service.

Pro bono publico a Latin phrase which translates to “for the public good” and is usually just referred to as pro bono. Pro bono refers to professional work undertaken voluntary and without payment. Pro bono is unlike the traditional volunteerism as it is for service that uses specific skills of professionals who provide their services to those members of the public who are unable to afford them.

Pro bono
Attorneys in terms of their legal profession are regulated to do pro bono services. Each Law Society is regulated by their provincial Rules. Rules for Attorneys’ Profession set out each Law Society Rules in terms of pro bono services. Chapter 4 of- General Practice makes provision for pro bono services. The Cape Law Society has its own pro bono rules. This is also governed under the Rules for Attorneys’ Profession and which defines pro bono services as: “legal work done free of charge, in the public interest for those who cannot afford it”. Rule 25 relating to pro bono services applies further to the Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.


Top Soft Sales Skills Just For You

Top Soft Sales Skills Just For You

As women business owners we are naturally more inclined to relationship building and helping others. You could say it is in our DNA.

We tend to communicate really well at all levels and we take other people’s interests to heart. It’s nothing for us to pick up the phone and hear from a friend how their day is going or whether their sickly child is on the mend.

I know of friends who phone their moms every single day and have a weekly coffee with their bestie.

I see all of these as soft selling skills. It’s all about building and developing relationships, and making our inner circle feel important.

The same could be said for our prospective clients as well as our current clients.

Take their interests to heart and soon you’ll have a very loyal following of believers who will punt your product or service to everyone they meet.

In my Virtual Assistant agency I take care to align our team with the best clients. Conversely, I take just as much care to ensure that our Virtual Assistants share the same vision and passion as us. It’s very important for me that my business, team and clients are all aligned. It’s a recipe for success!


Closing the deal - this is how you want to do it

Closing the deal

Sales isn’t always about numbers. Don’t get me wrong, in fact, numbers are important in sales, however, so is developing relationships.

Remember, people buy from people. And this human-based sales journey is very important as we all mature in our sales story.

What’s key to remember is to make your sales process about your client, their needs, their pains, their story and not about you meeting your monthly sales targets. The moment you shift that focus back to numbers your clients will sense this and not be so committed to buying from you.

Sales is a process and you ultimately want to walk away with the deal, this is the whole reason you engaged with your prospect, so it’s very important to close the deal.

What is the easiest way to close deals more successfully and faster?

Here are a few of my favourite tips.


Why a Sales Masterclass can help You as a Businesswoman

Why a Sales Masterclass can help You as a Businesswoman

You may have noticed a growing trend, slow yet growing, of empowering women in business to own their sales space.

By this I mean, I’ve been writing about and promoting the topic of building & boosting sales confidence for all women in business, whether you run your own business or someone else’s, whether you are a sales consultant or a receptionist, for quite some time now. Sales skills gives you the confidence kicker you need to excel at your game, so why wouldn’t you want to level up and be great at what you do?

I’m all about empowering my fellow entrepreneurs and I’m certainly willing to share my knowledge and skills as far as I can to help you succeed. It’s as simple as that.

So why then is a sales masterclass of such importance?


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