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Irrational judgement in the Sales Process. What is this?

Irrational judgement in the Sales Process

Also known as cognitive bias or social bias

Oooh a bit of a heavy topic this week - Indulge me though! Irrational judgement, which is also known as cognitive bias or social bias, is experienced by most of us at some point during our sales journey. These can essentially be seen as pre-programmed ways of thinking based on old habits and the way we were raised.

Now why on earth is this important in the sales process?

Let me tell you why!

Social biases – a breakdown
As we often face objections and even rejection in the sales journey, you certainly have come across social biases in some form or another, even if you weren’t aware of it, it has happened, and sometimes it would have had a negative impact on your sales journey.


Cohabitation and the Law

Cohabitation and the Law

Often, clients enquire as to how long a couple must live together, before they are regarded as being in a common-law marriage. In South African law, there is no such thing as a common-law marriage, no matter how long a couple may live together. The truth is: cohabitation or living together is not recognised as a de facto marital relationship, of any kind, in terms of South African law and it creates no automatic legal rights and duties between the parties. This is a common misunderstanding or myth.

Cohabitation is on the rise and many couples opt to live together in a permanent life partnership over entering into a formal marriage. The number of cohabitants increases by almost 100 per cent each year. This presents a problem because people often believe that they are afforded certain legal rights simply because of their living arrangements. Even though the relationship may often look the same as a marriage, South African law does not afford it the same legal recognition.

For this reason, couples need to know their rights and how to protect it.


Are you living an inspirational life?

Are you living an inspirational life

I want more. It is said that we should ask, and it will be given. So from this place of having the permission to ask, I want to re-create and re-imagine the life and experiences that I want to continue to create for myself. How can we do this?

If I asked you to describe your imagined vision that you have for yourself and your life, can you do that?

Do you have a clear picture of what you are aspiring to?

And then: are you inspired by what you have created for yourself?

Are you making every decision and action in the direction of your dream/vision or are your actions quite the opposite?

Or, are you bored with your vision?

Have you lost interest in it?

Has your picture ceased to inspire you?

Whose picture is it anyway?


Why do sales in a compassionate and understanding way?

Why do sales in a compassionate and understanding way

If you Googled “always be closing” the first page will bring up results of Alec Baldwin’s monologue in a dated movie called Glengarry Glen Ross.

There was a lot of hype back then regarding this ABC monologue. And if you ask around today they’ll tell you this mind-set dead.

I’m of a different mind. During my sales career I was “raised” to be in this mode of “always be closing”. Because I’m not your typical pushy salesperson I’ve taken a different twist on this.

They say this manner of sales is dead because it’s pushy, however, I disagree. For me the ABC of sales merely means that you know your business and product so well, you truly understand your target audience and what pain you solve, that you can at a drop of a hat do your elevator pitch in a warm, convincing manner.

As we are now doing business in the noughties (read beyond 2000) there certainly is an evolution in sales, which I love, because it rings so much more true to my natural way of selling.

Now we sell based on relationships that have been formed over time, trust has been established and we understand the value of thought leadership.

So why then do sales in a compassionate and understanding way?


Waking Up

Waking Up

My rational mind was literally asleep for 6 years due to medical negligence. So, when I advertise my favourite talk, Waking Up, most people, and quite correctly so, relate it to my challenging awakening experience when I woke up in a completely changed world.

However, my 3-day seminar, Waking Up, is actually all about awakening from your deep state of cerebral sleep, waking up from the unawareness of your true-self, the authentic you, the real you, the you having a human experience on this beautiful blue planet called Earth with all of its probabilities and opportunities, to achieve anything you can possibly fathom.

It signifies the Full You, revealing your purpose and meaning during this realm of life, to enable you to live an extraordinary life. The problem is, although you morphed into a minute human being after physical conception in the foetus state inside your mother’s womb, you gradually transformed into a human doing after birth while physically evolving towards adolescence although this process was extremely deceptive and subtle, but as the years passed, you somehow occasionally sensed something is not resonating with your inner-self, that something is missing. In this regard, little more truth can be revealed that the wise words of Buckminister Fuller, who said: “All children are born geniuses, but 9,999 out of 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently ‘degeniusized’ by grownups.

To be able to change your future, you have to be willing and able to change your way of thinking and people usually change when the level of their pain exceeds the threshold of pleasure.


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