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Why great communication skills is the cornerstone to sales success

Why great communication skills is the cornerstone to sales success

If I had to ask you what your thoughts are on sales I’m guessing you’re going to say something like “it’s not for me” or “I don’t enjoy being sold to” or something similar in the line of sales having a bad rap.

I really want us to start changing our view and mindset on sales to a far more positive one. We have chatted about how sales has evolved and because sales is a lot more about relationship building, it necessarily follows that communication is the cornerstone to sales, just like sales is the cornerstone to the scale and growth of any business.

How good are your communication skills? Are you able to bring across value and insight in a sales meeting? Can you succinctly extract what the prospects pains are and marry them up with your solution?


Do you need new clients but don't know where to start?

Do you need new clients

I think for many the idea of finding new clients can be rather daunting. Perhaps it’s the actual prospecting part of sales that we get stuck with the most.

When I speak to clients about finding new business they say to me “Just put me in front of the prospect and I’ll do the rest. I love my product and I usually walk away with the deal.” But they don’t want to prospect. Or they are no good at it.

Identifying this as a common objection amongst business owners had me thinking where would you start if you were prospecting to find new clients?

I’ve put together some tips on how to prospect effectively, and generally giving you a starting point to launch from. Once this starting point has been identified for you I believe that the sales process will flow.


Eat the frog first thing in the morning and other great productivity tips

Eat the frog first thing in the morning

Mark Twain famously said ““Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Ahh yes, that proverbial frog - now how do we identify what that frog is? First things first, when you start your business day I would suggest that you first tackle the most unwanted task you can think of for the day.

To help you with your productivity, whether it be in sales or elsewhere, take the time the evening before to break up your action list (I prefer this as opposed to the traditional to-do list) into four categories.


Are you resisting change?

Are you resisting change

Resistance protects us from unknown dangers. There is an interface point between change and not changing – it is the place where you will feel that you do not know what to do or what to feel’.

This is the point where you are called to gain more clarity and to make a decision. It is the place where you have to bring to light the facts and considerations that allows you to gain clarity, confidence and momentum to move forward. It is also at this point where one needs to confront your limiting mindsets and perspectives, values and beliefs and addictive patterns.


What is change after all?

What is change after all

How do you engage with change? Do you ignore it? Do you get angry at it? Do you have a secret wish to ‘keep everything as it is for as long as possible? Do you resist it at all costs?

Change is an act or process through which something becomes different. It is a process that moves through stages. Each person moves through the process of change at their own pace, experiencing their own unique emotions. Change can be disruptive and disturbing, frustrating, scary, looming, and ultimately destructive. On the upside change can bring growth, development, joy, happiness, newness and experiences that exceed our wildest expectations.


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